This 69th Dies Natalis, What Have to Left Behind

There are 69 blue and yellow balloons soaring, a sign that 69 years of UNAIR / ready and continue to advance to become an increasingly global campus.

The concept of the Dies natalies logo this time takes the form of a chain that forms the number 69. This symbolizes that at the age of 69, Universitas Airlangga continuously continues to serve and work for a just and civilized humanity.

The three series on the outside indicate that UNAIR’s position is included in the ranks of the world’s top 345 campuses. While the four series on the inner side indicate UNAIR’s position on four top Indonesian campuses.

In addition, there are 2 colors to choose from. That is, yellow and blue. The yellow color symbolizes majesty, justice and prosperity. And the blue color symbolizes Universitas Airlangga continues to process following the times for a real contribution to all levels of society.

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